East Bubble

Cassandra Park

230 Cassandra Boulevard


Mid October - Mid April

North Bubble

The Peanut
Head office of the Winter Club and the NYTA

2975 Don Mills Road behind the Oriole Community Centre


Year Round Tennis

South Bubble

Bond Park

120 Bond Avenue


Mid October - Mid April

MemberShip Programs

The NYTA Winter Tennis Club offers a wide variety of activities to it's members at 3 bubble locations.

Follow the link below to see what we have to offer you.

Membership Application

 We will be accpeting new mebmers for the 2015/2016 Winter Season as of May 1, 2015

For membership enquire 

Phone: 416-496-0225


Pay As You Play

The NYTA Winter Tennis Club offers courts to non-members. An updated fee schedule is available. Please click link below. Please note that if you book a court and do not show you will be required to pay the member court rate for that time before you can book again.