We have recently made a ladder system available to members. We currently have 4 different ladders for adult members, the ladders we offer are: Mens Daytime, Mens Anytime, Women's Daytime and Women's Anytime ladders.

The ladder has been up and running for several months now, with over 100 members signed up. 

The ladder allows members to challenge other players in the ladder to matches, and the result of the match can affect each players ladder position. Members are only able to challenge players which are 8 places above them or less. If you beat a member who is in a higher position than you in the ladder, then you take their position in the ladder. 

The Ladder is available year round, so members are able to challnge each other to games during our off season, as well a during the winter months. Courts are available at the North Location throughout the summer to play ladder matches. 

The ladder provides competition year round for those that are not just interested in social games. 

If you would like to become a member please click here.