NYTA Summer Clubs

The NYTA has 19 summer clubs within separate memberships and separate executives from the Winter Tennis Club.

Here is a link to a list of summer clubs.   Map of summer clubs

List of Clubs and main intersection:

Banbury Tennis Club  Lawrence and Leslie

Bayview Village Tennis Club  Bayview and Sheppard

Bellbury Tennis Club Don Mills and Van Horne

Bridlebrook Tennis Club Finch and Alamosa (just south)

Don Mills Tennis Club Don Mills and Larence (just north)

Dunlace Tennis Club  Leslie and 401 (just west)

Fountainhead Tennis Club Sentinal and Finch (North east corner)

Gwendolen Tennis Club  Yonge and Sheppard (just south)

Henry Farm Tennis Club Don Mills and 401 (just west)

Hillcrest Tennis Club  Don Mills and Finch (just west ) |

Newtonbrook Tennis Club Yonge and Steeles (just east)

North York Tennis Club (Clay Courts)  Yonge and Sheppard (just North)

O'Connor Hills Tennis Club  Lawrence and DVP (just west) |

Pleasantview Tennis Club  Victoria Park and Van Horne (just south)

Parkway Valley Tennis Club  Victoria Park and Cassandra (just west)

Seneca Hill Tennis Club  Don Mills and Finch (just east)

Tournament Park Tennis Club  Yonge and 401 (just south)

Valley Tennis Club  Yonge and York Mills (just south)

Viewmount Park Tennis Club   Bathurst and Lawrence (just west) |