Nov 4, 2020



Dear members, 

Thank-you for your patience as we align our operation with the City's Pandemic occupancy limits and prepare each of our sites to ensure they are consistent with the requirements of the Provincial and Municipal Health Agencies.  Our plans are to open our operation on Saturday Nov 7th at 7am at all three sites to singles play.


We just completed new exits at the East Bubble on Cassandra Boulevard and at the South Bubble at Bond Park.  These new exits will prevent unwanted crossovers from the players entering through the existing permanent entrances and those exiting through the new temporary exit doors. 

New floor spacing stickers have been installed in the club houses to provide social distancing places to stand while waiting to play.  We encourage you to arrive dressed for tennis as the bathroom areas are limited to 1 person and only for washroom use.  Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to your start time.  This will limit unneeded interactions and help maintain social distancing protocols.  Playing partners waiting to enter should stand together on the social distancing markers with their masks on. 


We will be operating at this time in alignment with the Province's current Modified Stage 2 restrictions which allow up to ten players per site (does not include staff).  This assumes the Province will extend these restrictions beyond the current period ending on November 7th.  For now, there will be only singles play because of the 10 players maximum per site restriction. Permanent Court Time reservations will be respected but restricted to singles play only so any doubles foursomes will have to decide who will play.  If you have 2 hours, you can split up the time, so everyone gets to play.  If you have booked a court online for doubles, you will need to delete two of the names. 


Going forward, if the government agencies amend the requirements then the WTC will review and adjust the format to ensure we are aligned accordingly. In any event, all social distancing and safety protocols must be followed and will be strictly enforced. 

Everyone must wear a face mask when in the clubhouse and when walking to and from your tennis court.  You do not have to wear a mask while playing. 


When you arrive, sanitize your hands, and go to a social distancing marker and stay with your partner. 


Staff will direct everyone when to enter the bubble and remind players to sanitize their hands before entering the revolving door.  Staff will ensure that all players have all exited before a new group enters for play. 


As a as a safety precaution while playing, if a ball from another court finds its way onto your court, please do not pick it up with your hands. Use you racquet or kick it back to the proper court.


There will be no place to leave your over coats or boots in the clubhouse. We have put boot trays on all courts as well we have coat hooks on each court.

Please do not delay your departure as it will affect the entry of those waiting to play.  All playing times will be limited to 55 minutes to allow time for players to exit before the next group arrives. 


For your safety, hand sanitizers have been placed strategically throughout all facilities.  All players must sanitize their hands before entering or exiting the revolving doors. 


The Board of Directors are fully committed to ensuring that our facilities and programs are always operated as safely and securely as possible for the enjoyment and health of all members incompliance with provincial regulations.




Dave Duguay

General manager

North York Winter Tennis Club Inc.