NYTA Clubs

The NYTA has 19 summer clubs within separate memberships and separate executives from the Winter Tennis Club.

Here is a link to a list of summer clubs.   Map of summer clubs

List of Clubs and main intersection:

Leslie and 401 | Dunlace Tennis Club

Sentinal and Finch | Fountainhead Tennis Club call NYTA office for info 416-496-0225

Yonge and Steeles (just east) | Newtonbrook Tennis Club

Victoria Park and Van Horne (just south) | Pleasantview Tennis Club

Victoria Park and Cassandra (just west) | Parkway Valley Tennis Club

Lawrence and DVP (just west) | O'Connor Hills Tennis Club

Bathurst and Lawrence (just west) | Viewmount Park Tennis Club | viewmountparktennisclub@gmail.com

Finch and Leslie (just west) | Bridlebrook Tennis CLub | bridlebrooktennisclub@hotmail.com

Don Mills and 401 | Henry Farm Tennis Club

Don Mills and Van Horne | Bellbury Tennis Club | 416-492-7304

Don Mills and Finch (just east) | Seneca Hill Tennis Club | 416-577-4981 

Don Mills and Finch (just west ) | Hillcrest Tennis Club

Don Mills and Larence (just north) | Don Mills Tennis Club

Bayview and Sheppard | Bayview Village Tennis Club

Lawrence and Leslie | Banbury Tennis Club

Yonge and Sheppard (just North) | North York Tennis Club (Clay Courts)

Yonge and Sheppard (just south) | Gwendolen Tennis Club

Yonge and 401 (just south) | Tournament Park Tennis Club

Yonge and York Mills (just south) | Valley Tennis CLub