Round Robins

We currently offer Round Robins on a Bi-weekly basis on Saturday afternoons and evenings. These round robins are organized by one of the club pro’s and are designed as a social event for people to play some tennis, and to get to know other members.  There are women’s, men’s and mixed round robins and you sign up for the event through the clubs website two weeks prior to the event.

The cost of the round robin is $11.00 per person and the format is a very simple one.  You play for a half hour, and then you and your partner split up and move to another court.  You get a new partner and you play a different opponent.  This continues for the two hour period. (Format is subject to change)

This is a great opportunity for new members to meet other members of the club and potential future playing partners. 

Refreshments are provided after Round Robins 

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